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Book Review: Trash, Andy Mulligan

December 27, 2011 Leave a comment

When I picked up this book I have not my expectations high. But then when I’m reading it and discovered that the settings of Trash is in Philippines, I was well really quite in a shock and a bit excited. I had my hunch correct when I read “pesos”, the Philippine currency, in the book.

So when I had found out that Andy Mulligan worked as a teacher in the Philippines, I hit home. From Smoky Mountain(Smokey mt., the mountain of trash, trash, and trash), Green Hills(where the rich and famous reside), McKinley hill and the use of “Po”(a word Filipinos use to respect their elders) it was really Philippines. I read it up in one whole night the book was thin so as not a surprise there.

Trash is about three dump-site boys who had discovered if not terrible a dangerous secret. They had found a bag among the trashes that they had been searching for clean papers, plastic, etc. to sell. That bag though seeing the contents didn’t make any sense to them, just the money. P1,100 is there together with an I.D and a picture of him with a serious-looking girl. The story revolves around the characters and the bag the secret had brought them.

Even though some things are exaggerated in the book about the Philippines it portrayed perfectly the situation about the corrupt system of the government, the policemen and about them also the dump-site boys. The characters are fictional but its not far from what we got here only minus about the bag.

As the book was ending I’ve got different emotions surging inside of me. Nervous, anxiety, happiness, sympathy and etc. It really got on me. The reality of the boys we’re just so much in the first place. I loved the book not because of the place but because of the truth it displayed, and how much alarm it brought and sympathy, and how important the things really are when you never got it.