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Book Review: Trash, Andy Mulligan

December 27, 2011 Leave a comment

When I picked up this book I have not my expectations high. But then when I’m reading it and discovered that the settings of Trash is in Philippines, I was well really quite in a shock and a bit excited. I had my hunch correct when I read “pesos”, the Philippine currency, in the book.

So when I had found out that Andy Mulligan worked as a teacher in the Philippines, I hit home. From Smoky Mountain(Smokey mt., the mountain of trash, trash, and trash), Green Hills(where the rich and famous reside), McKinley hill and the use of “Po”(a word Filipinos use to respect their elders) it was really Philippines. I read it up in one whole night the book was thin so as not a surprise there.

Trash is about three dump-site boys who had discovered if not terrible a dangerous secret. They had found a bag among the trashes that they had been searching for clean papers, plastic, etc. to sell. That bag though seeing the contents didn’t make any sense to them, just the money. P1,100 is there together with an I.D and a picture of him with a serious-looking girl. The story revolves around the characters and the bag the secret had brought them.

Even though some things are exaggerated in the book about the Philippines it portrayed perfectly the situation about the corrupt system of the government, the policemen and about them also the dump-site boys. The characters are fictional but its not far from what we got here only minus about the bag.

As the book was ending I’ve got different emotions surging inside of me. Nervous, anxiety, happiness, sympathy and etc. It really got on me. The reality of the boys we’re just so much in the first place. I loved the book not because of the place but because of the truth it displayed, and how much alarm it brought and sympathy, and how important the things really are when you never got it.


Book Review: The Lost Hero, Rick Riordan

December 6, 2011 Leave a comment

It all started in a bus. A bus going directly to the Grand Canyon, going directly to their next destiny and destination.

Jason woke in the bus next to his bestfriend and luckily a girlfriend. The problem, he didn’t remember a thing. All of it. Not even his spare name.
Warning: He spokes Latin and calls the gods or whatever creature in their Roman Names.

Piper bewildered by his amnesiac boyfriend, has a secret. Three days before the Canyon trip he dreamed about her father missing.
Warning: she’s a Klepto and she’s good at compulsion.

Leo, has a way to tools, he can turn a pile of junk into something useful.
Warning: his hands are always dirty, and he dirty looks da’ girrrlss, and with his hand always full grease no wonder, he can make an Ifrit effect.

When a storm comes badly at the Grand Canyon they are taken in somewhere called Camp Half Blood. Welcomed by the camp, Leo and Piper was claimed after their so called arrival. Blah, Blah, Blah The prophecy is starting. The three was called in the forthcoming quest. Can the three claim their victory at the end of their every secrets? What is it in the end of the line that they do not show their past to one another?
And with the Olympus closed for some dumby and idiotic reason of Zeus, Will the three find a godly assistance?

OMG! It tis’ is so surprisingly good as the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series!
But I like this much better! An upgraded version of the last story! I like how the plot was formed, between the camps and the old characters are also here just like new characters are exposed.
While reading the excerpt of it in the back of The Last Olympian, I’m so much disturbed of it. Jason being without memories is weird, but calling the storm spirits in their roman names is totally weird.

The cover fit the story very well, though it’s just sad the dragon dematerialized to a head, but still the head was a totally knockout for the next adventure.

But as the story goes on, I’m all excited about it, quests, the prophecies, the twists of the whole image of the new characters, even the lady in dirt! I can’t wait to read the next installment! The Son of Neptune, I’m guessing is that the story will go on with Percy on how he is doing on the other side!

I saw in the price tag is that it’s for 9-12 years old only! WTH! So what if I’m reading it! It’s like reading a YA novel! I recommend this to those who have read the first series!

Book Review: My Sister’s Keeper, Jodi Picoult

December 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Anna was a genetically-engineered baby, a perfect match and a perfect donor for her sister Kate who has APL. So when the time comes for Kate that she needed something they can harvest it from Anna, lymphocytes to bone marrow transplant etc.

Anna is a kid so decisions where made by her parents as if she has a choice. But Kate has had a kidney failure and her mother asks Anna if she could donate one for her sister to be saved for more complications.

She then realizes that she wants her own life, her own body, not Anna to save Kate, not Anna a donor, not Anna who can’t do anything. She doesn’t want to give her kidney to Kate, for that it has risks. She sues her parents for her to be medically emancipated. Knowing that this bold move is going to tear the family apart.

She loves her family and that makes it more hard and complicated to fight for her case, just one second she can hate her mother but then one sentence could make Anna running for her mother’s open arms.

In the end she became medically emancipated, the court finds this case not a case, but a girl that needs to decide for herself, Anna who have choices. After knowing that it was not she who have not done an ulterior move but her sister.

Anna died. Seriously. A car accident happened and she just happened to be in the wrong place. In the end Anna still saved Kate by giving one of her kidney with the power given to an attorney by the judge.

The Epilogue is too much to handle, I think. It’s morning and good for me no ones gone to my room and saw me crying.

This is really a good book, a depressing one. I recommend it to everyone. I’m so graced I’ve added this to my life and to my bookshelf.
The characters are o smart yet all has different issues they come out to. From showing Jesse to be a pyromania to Campbell having a grand mal.

Love, love, love. The ending is not quite what I expected and what I never Imagined. Kate survived but with Anna’s life for the price, or that’s what she thinks.

I don’t know who’s the sister’s keeper. Is it Kate keeping Anna’s picture and Anna’s memories in her life? Or Anna saving and keeping Kate alive till the end.

Who wouldn’t want to be loved?

Book Review: A Clash Of Kings, George R.R. Martin

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Color filled each hall. Rainbow owns each character. Mr. Martin’s writing style is rich with hue. And yet some words are meant to kill, sharp as a Valyrian steel.

People’s game of thrones is finish but it came with a price. Shit rained in Westeros. Sudden “KINGS” had risen and all they want is to sit in the uncomfortable Iron Throne. Which is lame, as King Robert I said so, “pretty boring”.

Tyrion Lannister the Imp became one of my fave character(after seeing his face in the site of GoT), not just because of that but of his mighty wits. I didn’t favor for him much in the first book why? First of all he’s pervert. But also suddenly he’s not the only one with a bed warmer attitude.
So here Theon Greyjoy enters. I’m so grossed out at his coming in Iron Islands, when she meets “A”. Yeah, that’s it. Manhood touched by a sister? I’m gonna faint with that. Insolent! An asshole! Damn, he’s not making use of brains, isn’t he? If I meet him I will surely flung him to the ground and rip his guts. Thinking like he’s somebody else, when in truth no one even pay attention in his way. Though with the exception of the loyal people who had been beheaded.
Arya, beast with a sword but cloaked in a fashion of a girl. A warrior out of a girl. Her character is gripping, when it comes to her POV I’m full of life and keep reading and reading and reading. Unlike any other princesses she’s made of steel, hard steel, she wanted to live she acted as a servant. I forgot all about her highness and yourness, she need no knight? Agree?

I wonder when will the winter come? I’m afraid I have to wait longer, Mance Rayder, King beyond the wall is on the move, and he came some unnatural and phenomenal creatures with him.

A folly the south don’t know of this events happening in the north, once they know it, throats and heads will gush out bloods.

Let me indicate some more, the Direwolves! A shame they are not together! They are as interesting as the flowery characters, the green dreams, hopes, and strength the major char. got from them is major major big help!

‘n god, Daenerys Stormborn. Shit, another clash of tides will wash over Westeros if bells be heard.

I have every right to say this book made me crazy! I’m still drooling over this one. I’m also glad to comply with my challenge. Finishing this before one and a half week ends. Hehe!
Just so you know, I downloaded a .pdf file of this so I can “read” in the middle of the night without turning on any blinding lights! And equal to that first class in the morn it’s lucky I don’t snore. Cause if I am, I’m dead.

Book Review: A Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin

December 1, 2011 1 comment

“Winter is coming”

The words of the Starks hung chilled in the air around Winterfell, their ancestors home. Sinister forces lurk beyond the Wall bringing with them the long years of disaster the people believe that you would die choking yourself while laughing.
The House of Stark is one of the seven great houses of the Seven Kingdoms and the ruler of the North. When the King of the Andals came and offer him to be the Hand of the King chain of events and problems lay before the members of the house. After the travel to the south, enemies have risen and are ready to out-throned the King Robert.
Lord Stark try to wound to the truth and when finally it is in his grasp, a terrible accident happened and murder was thus given. And in the sudden turn of the events, the lord and ladies, soldiers and sorcerers, assassins and evildoers are all a prisoner in the field of betrayals, where loyalty really lie, or who’s side will really win this coming war.
And still the words of the Starks are coming and yet they are not prepared to win another battle that will last for years.

Winter is coming.

This is the second longest book I’ve ever read after The Passage, and both never failed me. The realm is imaginary but still believable, where we witnessed eight main characters and a minor character in the prologue, and each one yet bring before me of what I called tragic lives.
This made me cringe, in some parts I never thought that I will never do but did was to gape at it unconsciously and close it before my classmates saw it and might laugh at me. I read it like tomorrow’s life would not be done if I didn’t got the time to read.
I’ve been attached to the characters as they are bound to the pages, most likely I liked Princess Daenerys of House Targaryens but knew that she will be bold and fierce as years made her, she no longer have the heart of a maiden in the end, but a heart that is to rule and knows no king and queen besides herself.
Less that I like is the Imp, Tyrion Lannister. It is just he’s so pervert and I favor to cut his manhood and his tongue. But I sympathized with him at the moments of his memories and time with his Lord Tywin.
And yes, Arya the Brave, who would have forgotten such a girl who attacked the fucking idiot Prince Joffrey. She does not have the princess’s attitude but she does have the man’s braveness, and I liked her for it.
Oppose for Arya is Sansa. I totally hate her at the beginning to the middle but came to settle down my arguments with her in the last pages of her POV.
Jon the Bastard, he’s a bastard and that’s enough for him. The brave bastard who took the oath of the Night’s Watch and became a thorough smart man.
Lord and Lady Stark. Their part-POV’s filled the book with intense in finding for the truth, battling the enemies plot to them and the agony for their children.
Well Bran is in the middle of likeness. I couldn’t believe the event happened for him, I felt the lost of hope and a surge for fighting the tears that welled before his eyes.