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Book Review: Trash, Andy Mulligan

December 27, 2011 Leave a comment

When I picked up this book I have not my expectations high. But then when I’m reading it and discovered that the settings of Trash is in Philippines, I was well really quite in a shock and a bit excited. I had my hunch correct when I read “pesos”, the Philippine currency, in the book.

So when I had found out that Andy Mulligan worked as a teacher in the Philippines, I hit home. From Smoky Mountain(Smokey mt., the mountain of trash, trash, and trash), Green Hills(where the rich and famous reside), McKinley hill and the use of “Po”(a word Filipinos use to respect their elders) it was really Philippines. I read it up in one whole night the book was thin so as not a surprise there.

Trash is about three dump-site boys who had discovered if not terrible a dangerous secret. They had found a bag among the trashes that they had been searching for clean papers, plastic, etc. to sell. That bag though seeing the contents didn’t make any sense to them, just the money. P1,100 is there together with an I.D and a picture of him with a serious-looking girl. The story revolves around the characters and the bag the secret had brought them.

Even though some things are exaggerated in the book about the Philippines it portrayed perfectly the situation about the corrupt system of the government, the policemen and about them also the dump-site boys. The characters are fictional but its not far from what we got here only minus about the bag.

As the book was ending I’ve got different emotions surging inside of me. Nervous, anxiety, happiness, sympathy and etc. It really got on me. The reality of the boys we’re just so much in the first place. I loved the book not because of the place but because of the truth it displayed, and how much alarm it brought and sympathy, and how important the things really are when you never got it.


Book Review: The Lost Hero, Rick Riordan

December 6, 2011 Leave a comment

It all started in a bus. A bus going directly to the Grand Canyon, going directly to their next destiny and destination.

Jason woke in the bus next to his bestfriend and luckily a girlfriend. The problem, he didn’t remember a thing. All of it. Not even his spare name.
Warning: He spokes Latin and calls the gods or whatever creature in their Roman Names.

Piper bewildered by his amnesiac boyfriend, has a secret. Three days before the Canyon trip he dreamed about her father missing.
Warning: she’s a Klepto and she’s good at compulsion.

Leo, has a way to tools, he can turn a pile of junk into something useful.
Warning: his hands are always dirty, and he dirty looks da’ girrrlss, and with his hand always full grease no wonder, he can make an Ifrit effect.

When a storm comes badly at the Grand Canyon they are taken in somewhere called Camp Half Blood. Welcomed by the camp, Leo and Piper was claimed after their so called arrival. Blah, Blah, Blah The prophecy is starting. The three was called in the forthcoming quest. Can the three claim their victory at the end of their every secrets? What is it in the end of the line that they do not show their past to one another?
And with the Olympus closed for some dumby and idiotic reason of Zeus, Will the three find a godly assistance?

OMG! It tis’ is so surprisingly good as the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series!
But I like this much better! An upgraded version of the last story! I like how the plot was formed, between the camps and the old characters are also here just like new characters are exposed.
While reading the excerpt of it in the back of The Last Olympian, I’m so much disturbed of it. Jason being without memories is weird, but calling the storm spirits in their roman names is totally weird.

The cover fit the story very well, though it’s just sad the dragon dematerialized to a head, but still the head was a totally knockout for the next adventure.

But as the story goes on, I’m all excited about it, quests, the prophecies, the twists of the whole image of the new characters, even the lady in dirt! I can’t wait to read the next installment! The Son of Neptune, I’m guessing is that the story will go on with Percy on how he is doing on the other side!

I saw in the price tag is that it’s for 9-12 years old only! WTH! So what if I’m reading it! It’s like reading a YA novel! I recommend this to those who have read the first series!

Book Review: My Sister’s Keeper, Jodi Picoult

December 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Anna was a genetically-engineered baby, a perfect match and a perfect donor for her sister Kate who has APL. So when the time comes for Kate that she needed something they can harvest it from Anna, lymphocytes to bone marrow transplant etc.

Anna is a kid so decisions where made by her parents as if she has a choice. But Kate has had a kidney failure and her mother asks Anna if she could donate one for her sister to be saved for more complications.

She then realizes that she wants her own life, her own body, not Anna to save Kate, not Anna a donor, not Anna who can’t do anything. She doesn’t want to give her kidney to Kate, for that it has risks. She sues her parents for her to be medically emancipated. Knowing that this bold move is going to tear the family apart.

She loves her family and that makes it more hard and complicated to fight for her case, just one second she can hate her mother but then one sentence could make Anna running for her mother’s open arms.

In the end she became medically emancipated, the court finds this case not a case, but a girl that needs to decide for herself, Anna who have choices. After knowing that it was not she who have not done an ulterior move but her sister.

Anna died. Seriously. A car accident happened and she just happened to be in the wrong place. In the end Anna still saved Kate by giving one of her kidney with the power given to an attorney by the judge.

The Epilogue is too much to handle, I think. It’s morning and good for me no ones gone to my room and saw me crying.

This is really a good book, a depressing one. I recommend it to everyone. I’m so graced I’ve added this to my life and to my bookshelf.
The characters are o smart yet all has different issues they come out to. From showing Jesse to be a pyromania to Campbell having a grand mal.

Love, love, love. The ending is not quite what I expected and what I never Imagined. Kate survived but with Anna’s life for the price, or that’s what she thinks.

I don’t know who’s the sister’s keeper. Is it Kate keeping Anna’s picture and Anna’s memories in her life? Or Anna saving and keeping Kate alive till the end.

Who wouldn’t want to be loved?

Book Review: A Discovery Of Witches, Deborah Harkness

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

After reading chivalrous knights, the Wall, the Narrow Sea and etc. I’m surprised that shifting to another genre was really a quite a shock for me. I’d gone excited by the book because it’s about witches. And I haven’t read a good novel with wushu-wishi powers.
It was an amazing ride from the first page down to the last one. I stayed up late at nights to make a good progress here and risk being caught asleep in the class. It’s well worth it. It has power over me, I think I’m bewitched by a book about witches.
A Discovery of Witches is one of the most that piqued my five senses. At first I was very tiresome with the talk. “What does it smell? Taste?” Almost every chapter the word “wine” never lets out of sight.
I found the romance at the beginning troubling. For it really as in it is really like Twilight, Bella and Edward all over again, only Bella was a witch(very hazardous thought) and Edward well a vampire still yet centuries centuries way old. A damsel in distress. But as the book goes on, I’d accepted the fact that I liked it better and I am so being an idiot for comparing it in the first place.

Diana Bishop, I really admire her character in FULL mode! A historian of science, a yoga follower, the lady who rows the boat, a runner, and discovers that she has a thing for vampires. And most of all a WITCH. Damn. How can she walk while her eyes are closed? I liked how she stated about not using magic or not entertaining it more, but also hated for her stubborness about it. Look where it got her.

And dadum, here comes the vampire, Matthew Clairmont. I just can’t stop thinking about the deal about possessiveness and the “Bundling”. Yeah, heard of it? And he reminds me of Edward as obliviously stated above. Far from being the vampire we know him for, the Vampire thing here in the book is a little bit realistic and where when the wind blows the scent of the blood will not make them crave, flinch maybe.

In the end, the book was still fascinating. Hoping for more actions when suddenly it ended. How pitiful. I can’t wait for the next book. I highly recommend it to those who are very bored and looking for some stomach-turning, and cheeks to be flushed.

Book Review: A Dance With Dragons, George R.R. Martin

December 1, 2011 2 comments

“I think life is a jape. Yours, mine, everyone’s.”

The fifth of the planned seven novels in the fictitious world of A Song of Ice and Fire series.

The novel was concurrent to the fourth book Feast. Where the Feast failed to surprise and interest me the Dance instantly devoured me in it’s first pages where the skinchanger Varamyr told what happened after the scattering of the wildlings in the recently attack to the wall.

The war of the five kings is already losing its name and laying low with only two kings at hand.
Stannis Baratheon stationed himself and his armies at the Wall to seek the trust of the northmen to support him to attack again. Heeding the advice of Jon Snow, he seeks the mountain clans to win them as well. Capturing Deepwood Motte the army is bound to get to Winterfell to confront Roose Bolton, the Warden of the North. But they found themselves frozen and snowbound as the water is in its lake.

Across the far east, Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen struggles to keep peace in Mereen the newly conquered city. With the Son of Harpy and the Harpy himself tries to intervene and seems to plot against the Queen.

On the wall, Jon Snow the 998th lord commander of the brothers of the Night Watch has his own problems. Food to get them through winter, people to garrison the other castles, and the thousands of wildlings that he let through after a peace agreement made by him and Tormund Giantsbane.

You know, after reading the book. I almost ripped out my hair from my head. Shouting like a crazy fitting is happening. I’m so absorbed in the world Martin produced out of his wits(I said that a million times na siguro). The characters were hell of a bomb after bombs.

Jon, poor Jon! I nearly cried out to what happened to him in his last POV! It was damn, shit, and nasty things I’d said couldn’t claim out what happened!

And oh boy! My little Tyrion the giant o’ Lannister! Who would have thought that she will have a new girl! Appropriate of age, the innocence and especially, appropriate of the height herself! Whenever I thought about it, I just couldn’t laugh, from the passionless kiss to Tyrion saying seven hells when he said something about liking the lips(or nose??) of Penny.

For Daenerys Targaryen, I’m not sure about what I really felt now about her? How couldn’t she had known that there’s a mischief behind her marrying Hizdahr. Bugger him! Stupid baby crying for mercy! Fire and blood! You must remember who you are, the dragons know.

Other characters from Feast also appeared in this book as referred to the author’s note. And so the timeline emerged again.

I wanna cry thinking about how long will I wait to come upon the sixth book.

Winter has come and the northmen knows that a laugh can choke you to death. Will the southron lords and ladies survive the winter? A year of winter? A decades. Come the winds of winter to bury the secrets of the green summer.

Book Review: A Feast For Crows, George R.R. Martin

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

I slept with words swirling in my head. I woke up in the morning because words are spinning in my unconscious mind. I don’t know what’s happening to me. When I close my eyes, suddenly paragraphs are reeling but they doesn’t make sense. It’s like uttering sentences on and on without anything in it. Gods. Did the series made it to me? Or just this book? Because of the characters telling the tale?

I was uncomfortable at first, A Storm of Swords left the story with fire, hot and ablaze. And BUM! The story in the feast laid so low. The story became incomplete and really boring when the main characters weren’t there. Only Brienne, Jaime, Cersei, Sansa, Arya, Victarion, Ariane, Samwell, Asha, Arys(and had forgotten the others.

Even when some chapters are dreadful, the other chapters are REALLY worth reading. The characters of the Iron Islands(is that right?) are the ones who are really down to the earth super super boring. Endless talk of the Drowned God, who gets the Seastone chair, and how a dead man rises stronger and basta kung ano man yun again. What do I care, they’ll be dead as soon as somehow Martin wants them dead with only strokes of a pen and without spoiling any blood but ink. Huff.

And one more thing if you had seen a highborn maid of three-and-ten, with a fair face and auburn hair. Can you please just kill me? Once more I will hear of it, gods take me.

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Book Review: A Storm Of Swords,George R.R. Martin

December 1, 2011 1 comment

“Some battles are won with swords and spears, others with quills and ravens.”

A Storm of Swords picked up the BEST story where A Clash of Kings left off. The Seven Kingdoms were in the middle of the War of the Five Kings namely, Robb Stark, Joffrey baratheon, Stannis Baratheon, Balon Greyjoy and the deceased Renly Baratheon.

All claiming that they are kings and the imaginary kingdoms were theirs to begin with, some by rights, some by conquering and some by manipulation. Deadly as it looks, the Iron Throne seems to have these five admirers. Wanting to sit in the uncomfortable hundred swords made to a chair with their fat arses and to counsel boring problems.

Meanwhile, while the war rages on, a plot arises to deploy the wildlings over the wall to Westeros and spread madness and to steal wives from their homes spearheaded by Mance Rayder, King-Beyond-The-Wall. Giants, skinchangers, wargs, mammoths, and the Others, all thought to vanished from the Earth, err, world is most accurate than Earth I think, has come to put full terrors to the night.

Across the narrow sea, the last of Targaryens, mother of dragons, unburnt, khaleesi and should-be queen of Westeros as she said, are conquering cities with her own task forces and breaks the chain any slaves ever had. But the impossible is yet to cross.

Without Prince Rhaegar and the burnt King Viserys by her side, there’s really no one to put her trust with. And the damn prophecy is bugging her about the three persons who will betray her. But with decisions to make, passion, determination to the Iron Throne. She is yet to discover traitors and turncloaks within her armies and people. To claim what is hers, she should face the impossible of her desires so to rule.

George R.R. Martin presented us another of Monalisa in the sense. Beauty, splendid, wondrous and magnificent to describe the book only to be shattered by the daggers behind the cloak of comely happenings. When all shall think all had been in the proper places they find among themselves that it is not what it seems and life would be the price.

And there are surprises than my fingers can count. Who in their right minds should think that the bad guys and gals are the good ones, and the good lads and lass’s would be the cruel.

I’m surprised for the POV of Ser Jaime Lannister, he is not what we think he is. Monstrous in battle but with a surprising changeable heart, an incest affair yet it is true love even when it is gross. I’ve decided that Ser Jaime should be listed in the favorites. I liked him a lot though I liked Tyrion much more.

Arya Stark! Go boy! I mean girl! A Stark should be brave and hard! I’m having fits on how likely can she survive in the East.
Sansa Stark! Oh, poor Sansa! Married with the Imp. But kissed with Lord Petyr Baelish. Surprising that one! I don’t hate you anymore.

Tyrion Lannister, giant o’ Lannister! Hah! Mind sharp as a blade. I admire you to it. Hmm. I hope that you and Arya crosses paths in the East. Twang.

So much for my blabbering. To the next book. A Feast for Crows. I really really love this series.

“Valar morghulis,” she said, as loud as if she’d known what it meant.

“Valar dohaeris,” he replied, touching his brow with two fingers. “Of course you shall have a cabin.”