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Talking in a demented state, Salute to literature

Literature is a very vital importance to my life, it affects the personality of one-self due to the compulsive act of the writing. Two are the most basically written category, fiction and non-fiction. (I guess you know what that two categories means.)

It plays safe and sound to the depths of heart of the people who appreciates Literature. Literature changed me, in a way that people will sympathize or even pity with me just because I changed. There are really great tides of effects onto people who are in problems or in great need of acceptance. Just to know how it feels, READ!

So basically, in every places you’ll find two basic types of people, theReaders and theNon-Readers. These two people can always argue and try not to understand each other. (Believe me, I’d had experience on it.) Squalling with each other is not a good thing, isn’t it? So when me and my classmates are about to get to the topic of books, they’ll roll their eyes and sigh. Just the right people to balance me in this world. *sighs*. They just don’t understand the essence of something behind those words in each pages or the greatness and importance of it.

Once, I remember a best of my friends asked me something that caught me off-guard, she said “What do you get from reading these books? They are just a waste of your money?” She added that it’s a crazy thing to be a habit, a waste of my time. But really who cares about it? I’m happy about it, those nasty comments are not even compared to what extent when I have fresh papers or old ones in my hand I’m in love and at the same time a silly boy falling in love with Literature. Those musty scent, the invigorating cataclysm that gives you to edge closer just to get the hint of it, I just can’t avoid to act like it doesn’t call to me.

Though in some parts I have weakness in Literature, poems. My biggest disaster is that I can’t get the hang of it when I read some, I need to reread it a bajillion times or have someone to explain it to me. But really, poems are a no-no for me. I have great imagination but I lacked in understanding.

There’s a part of me that is contented on reading, having a crave, and the emotions that dance with every beat of words. My soul is a big flame that flickers once and every minute.Flickering but never doused. I just want to say that Literature is a a big thingy for me. It helped me in my daily life, to confront every problem with confidence, it made me more mature than I ought to be. It also taught me to be fluent in this language, though not that proficient. You can never blame me for what I loved to do, reading became a part of me, and literature became a piece of my soul, somewhat somewhere it’s my nature.

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