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Book Review: Everlost, Neal Shusterman

Dramatic. Fulfillment. Enigmatic

The final showdown to an end is put forth in Everfound. The trilogy comes to its finality. As all things are supposed to do.

I know I can’t do this book justice, for it is really a splendid work! I still can’t stop thinking about it! The end of the book was just momentous as the start of Nick’s and Allie’s journey to the Everlost.
Everyone seemed to find and got where they are going. A peaceful light, that extinguishes every doubt in every Afterlights who have seen it.

It totally blow away my mind, I felt strong emotions surged from the book to me. It was amazing and scary at the same time. I was momentarily stunned by the events that happened and found out that moment had stretched out into minutes. It’s really haunting, the way the book had entire control over you. All of this happened when I was reading Everfound.

Simply saying, I love this book, the series, everything! Though it still doesn’t have the stand against Unwind, it’s brilliant!

Allie, I send my regards to wherever you are(not totally spoiling, are we?)! Maybe after all it still a strange thing that everything happened has a reason and that a certain purpose is a demand of the universe itself, a calling from within. I cried for you. Yet, yet.
And that maybe after all the chocolate ogre realized the connection or why he is really drawn to Mary. Or that fur-jacking is better with the heightened senses than normal skinny-jacking.

Can you please illuminate me how the hell did Mary got her first dress on again when she had something “new” on while Milos re-killed her? Totally bullshiting me out or maybe I just left something while doing the process.

And at the end Everlost has had a true and better-vision accompany to led the new Greensouls that has recently crossed over and not to made them linger the wilderness and to truly open their eyes that what they are searching for just to be ready is ever found just in their pockets. A mysterious coin that make the mind go bold and remember everything important, after all they were born with readied name and so shall leave with it forever.

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