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Book Review: Everwild, Neal Shusterman

Controversial as ever.

I loved it! This second book on the planned trilogy was mind blowing! Better than the first! I’m astounded as I’m reading. Answers on the Everlost came pouring out in Everwild that was more shocking than being an information!
The story still revolves around Nick and Allie but not as the same as before, they traveled separately. Nick is on an opposing journey to rebel against Mary Hightower, the Sky Witch. His aim to free many as possible Afterlights there are from Mary. Allie on the other way survives her ever descending to the center of the earth by the McGill, the one monster of Everlost. Her aim to pay a visit to her parents to shove off any troubling thoughts she had about her father not surviving the crash.

Mary Hightower was persuasive as the light. SHE is the one true monster of Everlost. I can’t telly you anymore cause you had seen it already from the first book, but!! There is so much here that you can’t stomach it and you wanna puke from the disgusting and pure evil mind work behind! And disgusting as the worms crawling from a dead man, she thinks that what she really does is for the good sake of them or it or everyone!
We met new characters as revelations come and gone. And they are factors to be considered and not to be trifled with. New allies too from both sides, hmm and there is a betrayal too, some.
Everything was at their peak! And everything is at their precautionary menus. This book was so so so much an excitement to me, I remembered once when I was still reading this that I really got carried I laughed loudly at it and remembers that im still at class. They all lokked at me and thought that i was really going crazy. So what. If making progress at the book will result in being a lunatic. Im welcome.
My eyes are for those who can be found but still glimpses of the lost comes around.

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