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Book Review: Everlost, Neal Shusterman


Everlost was a comparison to a quicksand. Quick-pulling, the more you move the more you sink, and enveloping. I was sucked at a quicksand by reading Everlost. I was pulled, I let the words wash over me and let the lost world to life.

Everlost tells a different story about afterlife. Somehow unexplainable things happened to some other kids after they died. They are given birth again, but in another world, Everlost. Mysteries are somewhat a second nature of it, aside being a home for thousands of dead kids. If you stay long in one place you’ll sink and you’ll probably end up in the center of the earth which is the talk of the town. Monsters, horrible powers, author of some guide to the Everlost, seems to crowd it.
Everlost is an opposite for the living worlds. The things that no longer exists in the LW crossed to the Everlost to still do things they are meant to do. Which is stand forever and be with eternity.

After reading Shusterman’s Unwind, curiosity got out for me to read another novel of him. So Everlost it is, it came out shocking as Unwind did! It was totally a creepy one again! About dead kids after all! But as creepy it was I enjoyed it. The characters are just so lovable. And even there is only a hint of romance it was okay. I really thought from the beginning that it will be Allie and Nick together or a love triangle war will be proposed, but I’m so wrong as I’m reading Everwild.
Totally a great read! Love it!

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