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Book Review: The Lost Hero, Rick Riordan

It all started in a bus. A bus going directly to the Grand Canyon, going directly to their next destiny and destination.

Jason woke in the bus next to his bestfriend and luckily a girlfriend. The problem, he didn’t remember a thing. All of it. Not even his spare name.
Warning: He spokes Latin and calls the gods or whatever creature in their Roman Names.

Piper bewildered by his amnesiac boyfriend, has a secret. Three days before the Canyon trip he dreamed about her father missing.
Warning: she’s a Klepto and she’s good at compulsion.

Leo, has a way to tools, he can turn a pile of junk into something useful.
Warning: his hands are always dirty, and he dirty looks da’ girrrlss, and with his hand always full grease no wonder, he can make an Ifrit effect.

When a storm comes badly at the Grand Canyon they are taken in somewhere called Camp Half Blood. Welcomed by the camp, Leo and Piper was claimed after their so called arrival. Blah, Blah, Blah The prophecy is starting. The three was called in the forthcoming quest. Can the three claim their victory at the end of their every secrets? What is it in the end of the line that they do not show their past to one another?
And with the Olympus closed for some dumby and idiotic reason of Zeus, Will the three find a godly assistance?

OMG! It tis’ is so surprisingly good as the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series!
But I like this much better! An upgraded version of the last story! I like how the plot was formed, between the camps and the old characters are also here just like new characters are exposed.
While reading the excerpt of it in the back of The Last Olympian, I’m so much disturbed of it. Jason being without memories is weird, but calling the storm spirits in their roman names is totally weird.

The cover fit the story very well, though it’s just sad the dragon dematerialized to a head, but still the head was a totally knockout for the next adventure.

But as the story goes on, I’m all excited about it, quests, the prophecies, the twists of the whole image of the new characters, even the lady in dirt! I can’t wait to read the next installment! The Son of Neptune, I’m guessing is that the story will go on with Percy on how he is doing on the other side!

I saw in the price tag is that it’s for 9-12 years old only! WTH! So what if I’m reading it! It’s like reading a YA novel! I recommend this to those who have read the first series!

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