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Book Review: My Sister’s Keeper, Jodi Picoult

Anna was a genetically-engineered baby, a perfect match and a perfect donor for her sister Kate who has APL. So when the time comes for Kate that she needed something they can harvest it from Anna, lymphocytes to bone marrow transplant etc.

Anna is a kid so decisions where made by her parents as if she has a choice. But Kate has had a kidney failure and her mother asks Anna if she could donate one for her sister to be saved for more complications.

She then realizes that she wants her own life, her own body, not Anna to save Kate, not Anna a donor, not Anna who can’t do anything. She doesn’t want to give her kidney to Kate, for that it has risks. She sues her parents for her to be medically emancipated. Knowing that this bold move is going to tear the family apart.

She loves her family and that makes it more hard and complicated to fight for her case, just one second she can hate her mother but then one sentence could make Anna running for her mother’s open arms.

In the end she became medically emancipated, the court finds this case not a case, but a girl that needs to decide for herself, Anna who have choices. After knowing that it was not she who have not done an ulterior move but her sister.

Anna died. Seriously. A car accident happened and she just happened to be in the wrong place. In the end Anna still saved Kate by giving one of her kidney with the power given to an attorney by the judge.

The Epilogue is too much to handle, I think. It’s morning and good for me no ones gone to my room and saw me crying.

This is really a good book, a depressing one. I recommend it to everyone. I’m so graced I’ve added this to my life and to my bookshelf.
The characters are o smart yet all has different issues they come out to. From showing Jesse to be a pyromania to Campbell having a grand mal.

Love, love, love. The ending is not quite what I expected and what I never Imagined. Kate survived but with Anna’s life for the price, or that’s what she thinks.

I don’t know who’s the sister’s keeper. Is it Kate keeping Anna’s picture and Anna’s memories in her life? Or Anna saving and keeping Kate alive till the end.

Who wouldn’t want to be loved?

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