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Book Review: A Discovery Of Witches, Deborah Harkness

After reading chivalrous knights, the Wall, the Narrow Sea and etc. I’m surprised that shifting to another genre was really a quite a shock for me. I’d gone excited by the book because it’s about witches. And I haven’t read a good novel with wushu-wishi powers.
It was an amazing ride from the first page down to the last one. I stayed up late at nights to make a good progress here and risk being caught asleep in the class. It’s well worth it. It has power over me, I think I’m bewitched by a book about witches.
A Discovery of Witches is one of the most that piqued my five senses. At first I was very tiresome with the talk. “What does it smell? Taste?” Almost every chapter the word “wine” never lets out of sight.
I found the romance at the beginning troubling. For it really as in it is really like Twilight, Bella and Edward all over again, only Bella was a witch(very hazardous thought) and Edward well a vampire still yet centuries centuries way old. A damsel in distress. But as the book goes on, I’d accepted the fact that I liked it better and I am so being an idiot for comparing it in the first place.

Diana Bishop, I really admire her character in FULL mode! A historian of science, a yoga follower, the lady who rows the boat, a runner, and discovers that she has a thing for vampires. And most of all a WITCH. Damn. How can she walk while her eyes are closed? I liked how she stated about not using magic or not entertaining it more, but also hated for her stubborness about it. Look where it got her.

And dadum, here comes the vampire, Matthew Clairmont. I just can’t stop thinking about the deal about possessiveness and the “Bundling”. Yeah, heard of it? And he reminds me of Edward as obliviously stated above. Far from being the vampire we know him for, the Vampire thing here in the book is a little bit realistic and where when the wind blows the scent of the blood will not make them crave, flinch maybe.

In the end, the book was still fascinating. Hoping for more actions when suddenly it ended. How pitiful. I can’t wait for the next book. I highly recommend it to those who are very bored and looking for some stomach-turning, and cheeks to be flushed.

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