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Book Review: A Clash Of Kings, George R.R. Martin

Color filled each hall. Rainbow owns each character. Mr. Martin’s writing style is rich with hue. And yet some words are meant to kill, sharp as a Valyrian steel.

People’s game of thrones is finish but it came with a price. Shit rained in Westeros. Sudden “KINGS” had risen and all they want is to sit in the uncomfortable Iron Throne. Which is lame, as King Robert I said so, “pretty boring”.

Tyrion Lannister the Imp became one of my fave character(after seeing his face in the site of GoT), not just because of that but of his mighty wits. I didn’t favor for him much in the first book why? First of all he’s pervert. But also suddenly he’s not the only one with a bed warmer attitude.
So here Theon Greyjoy enters. I’m so grossed out at his coming in Iron Islands, when she meets “A”. Yeah, that’s it. Manhood touched by a sister? I’m gonna faint with that. Insolent! An asshole! Damn, he’s not making use of brains, isn’t he? If I meet him I will surely flung him to the ground and rip his guts. Thinking like he’s somebody else, when in truth no one even pay attention in his way. Though with the exception of the loyal people who had been beheaded.
Arya, beast with a sword but cloaked in a fashion of a girl. A warrior out of a girl. Her character is gripping, when it comes to her POV I’m full of life and keep reading and reading and reading. Unlike any other princesses she’s made of steel, hard steel, she wanted to live she acted as a servant. I forgot all about her highness and yourness, she need no knight? Agree?

I wonder when will the winter come? I’m afraid I have to wait longer, Mance Rayder, King beyond the wall is on the move, and he came some unnatural and phenomenal creatures with him.

A folly the south don’t know of this events happening in the north, once they know it, throats and heads will gush out bloods.

Let me indicate some more, the Direwolves! A shame they are not together! They are as interesting as the flowery characters, the green dreams, hopes, and strength the major char. got from them is major major big help!

‘n god, Daenerys Stormborn. Shit, another clash of tides will wash over Westeros if bells be heard.

I have every right to say this book made me crazy! I’m still drooling over this one. I’m also glad to comply with my challenge. Finishing this before one and a half week ends. Hehe!
Just so you know, I downloaded a .pdf file of this so I can “read” in the middle of the night without turning on any blinding lights! And equal to that first class in the morn it’s lucky I don’t snore. Cause if I am, I’m dead.

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