Talking in a demented state, Salute to literature

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Literature is a very vital importance to my life, it affects the personality of one-self due to the compulsive act of the writing. Two are the most basically written category, fiction and non-fiction. (I guess you know what that two categories means.)

It plays safe and sound to the depths of heart of the people who appreciates Literature. Literature changed me, in a way that people will sympathize or even pity with me just because I changed. There are really great tides of effects onto people who are in problems or in great need of acceptance. Just to know how it feels, READ!

So basically, in every places you’ll find two basic types of people, theReaders and theNon-Readers. These two people can always argue and try not to understand each other. (Believe me, I’d had experience on it.) Squalling with each other is not a good thing, isn’t it? So when me and my classmates are about to get to the topic of books, they’ll roll their eyes and sigh. Just the right people to balance me in this world. *sighs*. They just don’t understand the essence of something behind those words in each pages or the greatness and importance of it.

Once, I remember a best of my friends asked me something that caught me off-guard, she said “What do you get from reading these books? They are just a waste of your money?” She added that it’s a crazy thing to be a habit, a waste of my time. But really who cares about it? I’m happy about it, those nasty comments are not even compared to what extent when I have fresh papers or old ones in my hand I’m in love and at the same time a silly boy falling in love with Literature. Those musty scent, the invigorating cataclysm that gives you to edge closer just to get the hint of it, I just can’t avoid to act like it doesn’t call to me.

Though in some parts I have weakness in Literature, poems. My biggest disaster is that I can’t get the hang of it when I read some, I need to reread it a bajillion times or have someone to explain it to me. But really, poems are a no-no for me. I have great imagination but I lacked in understanding.

There’s a part of me that is contented on reading, having a crave, and the emotions that dance with every beat of words. My soul is a big flame that flickers once and every minute.Flickering but never doused. I just want to say that Literature is a a big thingy for me. It helped me in my daily life, to confront every problem with confidence, it made me more mature than I ought to be. It also taught me to be fluent in this language, though not that proficient. You can never blame me for what I loved to do, reading became a part of me, and literature became a piece of my soul, somewhat somewhere it’s my nature.

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Book Review: Trash, Andy Mulligan

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When I picked up this book I have not my expectations high. But then when I’m reading it and discovered that the settings of Trash is in Philippines, I was well really quite in a shock and a bit excited. I had my hunch correct when I read “pesos”, the Philippine currency, in the book.

So when I had found out that Andy Mulligan worked as a teacher in the Philippines, I hit home. From Smoky Mountain(Smokey mt., the mountain of trash, trash, and trash), Green Hills(where the rich and famous reside), McKinley hill and the use of “Po”(a word Filipinos use to respect their elders) it was really Philippines. I read it up in one whole night the book was thin so as not a surprise there.

Trash is about three dump-site boys who had discovered if not terrible a dangerous secret. They had found a bag among the trashes that they had been searching for clean papers, plastic, etc. to sell. That bag though seeing the contents didn’t make any sense to them, just the money. P1,100 is there together with an I.D and a picture of him with a serious-looking girl. The story revolves around the characters and the bag the secret had brought them.

Even though some things are exaggerated in the book about the Philippines it portrayed perfectly the situation about the corrupt system of the government, the policemen and about them also the dump-site boys. The characters are fictional but its not far from what we got here only minus about the bag.

As the book was ending I’ve got different emotions surging inside of me. Nervous, anxiety, happiness, sympathy and etc. It really got on me. The reality of the boys we’re just so much in the first place. I loved the book not because of the place but because of the truth it displayed, and how much alarm it brought and sympathy, and how important the things really are when you never got it.

Book Review: Everlost, Neal Shusterman

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Dramatic. Fulfillment. Enigmatic

The final showdown to an end is put forth in Everfound. The trilogy comes to its finality. As all things are supposed to do.

I know I can’t do this book justice, for it is really a splendid work! I still can’t stop thinking about it! The end of the book was just momentous as the start of Nick’s and Allie’s journey to the Everlost.
Everyone seemed to find and got where they are going. A peaceful light, that extinguishes every doubt in every Afterlights who have seen it.

It totally blow away my mind, I felt strong emotions surged from the book to me. It was amazing and scary at the same time. I was momentarily stunned by the events that happened and found out that moment had stretched out into minutes. It’s really haunting, the way the book had entire control over you. All of this happened when I was reading Everfound.

Simply saying, I love this book, the series, everything! Though it still doesn’t have the stand against Unwind, it’s brilliant!

Allie, I send my regards to wherever you are(not totally spoiling, are we?)! Maybe after all it still a strange thing that everything happened has a reason and that a certain purpose is a demand of the universe itself, a calling from within. I cried for you. Yet, yet.
And that maybe after all the chocolate ogre realized the connection or why he is really drawn to Mary. Or that fur-jacking is better with the heightened senses than normal skinny-jacking.

Can you please illuminate me how the hell did Mary got her first dress on again when she had something “new” on while Milos re-killed her? Totally bullshiting me out or maybe I just left something while doing the process.

And at the end Everlost has had a true and better-vision accompany to led the new Greensouls that has recently crossed over and not to made them linger the wilderness and to truly open their eyes that what they are searching for just to be ready is ever found just in their pockets. A mysterious coin that make the mind go bold and remember everything important, after all they were born with readied name and so shall leave with it forever.

Book Review: Everwild, Neal Shusterman

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Controversial as ever.

I loved it! This second book on the planned trilogy was mind blowing! Better than the first! I’m astounded as I’m reading. Answers on the Everlost came pouring out in Everwild that was more shocking than being an information!
The story still revolves around Nick and Allie but not as the same as before, they traveled separately. Nick is on an opposing journey to rebel against Mary Hightower, the Sky Witch. His aim to free many as possible Afterlights there are from Mary. Allie on the other way survives her ever descending to the center of the earth by the McGill, the one monster of Everlost. Her aim to pay a visit to her parents to shove off any troubling thoughts she had about her father not surviving the crash.

Mary Hightower was persuasive as the light. SHE is the one true monster of Everlost. I can’t telly you anymore cause you had seen it already from the first book, but!! There is so much here that you can’t stomach it and you wanna puke from the disgusting and pure evil mind work behind! And disgusting as the worms crawling from a dead man, she thinks that what she really does is for the good sake of them or it or everyone!
We met new characters as revelations come and gone. And they are factors to be considered and not to be trifled with. New allies too from both sides, hmm and there is a betrayal too, some.
Everything was at their peak! And everything is at their precautionary menus. This book was so so so much an excitement to me, I remembered once when I was still reading this that I really got carried I laughed loudly at it and remembers that im still at class. They all lokked at me and thought that i was really going crazy. So what. If making progress at the book will result in being a lunatic. Im welcome.
My eyes are for those who can be found but still glimpses of the lost comes around.

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Book Review: Everlost, Neal Shusterman

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Everlost was a comparison to a quicksand. Quick-pulling, the more you move the more you sink, and enveloping. I was sucked at a quicksand by reading Everlost. I was pulled, I let the words wash over me and let the lost world to life.

Everlost tells a different story about afterlife. Somehow unexplainable things happened to some other kids after they died. They are given birth again, but in another world, Everlost. Mysteries are somewhat a second nature of it, aside being a home for thousands of dead kids. If you stay long in one place you’ll sink and you’ll probably end up in the center of the earth which is the talk of the town. Monsters, horrible powers, author of some guide to the Everlost, seems to crowd it.
Everlost is an opposite for the living worlds. The things that no longer exists in the LW crossed to the Everlost to still do things they are meant to do. Which is stand forever and be with eternity.

After reading Shusterman’s Unwind, curiosity got out for me to read another novel of him. So Everlost it is, it came out shocking as Unwind did! It was totally a creepy one again! About dead kids after all! But as creepy it was I enjoyed it. The characters are just so lovable. And even there is only a hint of romance it was okay. I really thought from the beginning that it will be Allie and Nick together or a love triangle war will be proposed, but I’m so wrong as I’m reading Everwild.
Totally a great read! Love it!

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Book Review: The Lost Hero, Rick Riordan

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It all started in a bus. A bus going directly to the Grand Canyon, going directly to their next destiny and destination.

Jason woke in the bus next to his bestfriend and luckily a girlfriend. The problem, he didn’t remember a thing. All of it. Not even his spare name.
Warning: He spokes Latin and calls the gods or whatever creature in their Roman Names.

Piper bewildered by his amnesiac boyfriend, has a secret. Three days before the Canyon trip he dreamed about her father missing.
Warning: she’s a Klepto and she’s good at compulsion.

Leo, has a way to tools, he can turn a pile of junk into something useful.
Warning: his hands are always dirty, and he dirty looks da’ girrrlss, and with his hand always full grease no wonder, he can make an Ifrit effect.

When a storm comes badly at the Grand Canyon they are taken in somewhere called Camp Half Blood. Welcomed by the camp, Leo and Piper was claimed after their so called arrival. Blah, Blah, Blah The prophecy is starting. The three was called in the forthcoming quest. Can the three claim their victory at the end of their every secrets? What is it in the end of the line that they do not show their past to one another?
And with the Olympus closed for some dumby and idiotic reason of Zeus, Will the three find a godly assistance?

OMG! It tis’ is so surprisingly good as the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series!
But I like this much better! An upgraded version of the last story! I like how the plot was formed, between the camps and the old characters are also here just like new characters are exposed.
While reading the excerpt of it in the back of The Last Olympian, I’m so much disturbed of it. Jason being without memories is weird, but calling the storm spirits in their roman names is totally weird.

The cover fit the story very well, though it’s just sad the dragon dematerialized to a head, but still the head was a totally knockout for the next adventure.

But as the story goes on, I’m all excited about it, quests, the prophecies, the twists of the whole image of the new characters, even the lady in dirt! I can’t wait to read the next installment! The Son of Neptune, I’m guessing is that the story will go on with Percy on how he is doing on the other side!

I saw in the price tag is that it’s for 9-12 years old only! WTH! So what if I’m reading it! It’s like reading a YA novel! I recommend this to those who have read the first series!

Book Review: My Sister’s Keeper, Jodi Picoult

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Anna was a genetically-engineered baby, a perfect match and a perfect donor for her sister Kate who has APL. So when the time comes for Kate that she needed something they can harvest it from Anna, lymphocytes to bone marrow transplant etc.

Anna is a kid so decisions where made by her parents as if she has a choice. But Kate has had a kidney failure and her mother asks Anna if she could donate one for her sister to be saved for more complications.

She then realizes that she wants her own life, her own body, not Anna to save Kate, not Anna a donor, not Anna who can’t do anything. She doesn’t want to give her kidney to Kate, for that it has risks. She sues her parents for her to be medically emancipated. Knowing that this bold move is going to tear the family apart.

She loves her family and that makes it more hard and complicated to fight for her case, just one second she can hate her mother but then one sentence could make Anna running for her mother’s open arms.

In the end she became medically emancipated, the court finds this case not a case, but a girl that needs to decide for herself, Anna who have choices. After knowing that it was not she who have not done an ulterior move but her sister.

Anna died. Seriously. A car accident happened and she just happened to be in the wrong place. In the end Anna still saved Kate by giving one of her kidney with the power given to an attorney by the judge.

The Epilogue is too much to handle, I think. It’s morning and good for me no ones gone to my room and saw me crying.

This is really a good book, a depressing one. I recommend it to everyone. I’m so graced I’ve added this to my life and to my bookshelf.
The characters are o smart yet all has different issues they come out to. From showing Jesse to be a pyromania to Campbell having a grand mal.

Love, love, love. The ending is not quite what I expected and what I never Imagined. Kate survived but with Anna’s life for the price, or that’s what she thinks.

I don’t know who’s the sister’s keeper. Is it Kate keeping Anna’s picture and Anna’s memories in her life? Or Anna saving and keeping Kate alive till the end.

Who wouldn’t want to be loved?